in this case, double isn’t better

Mini queen’s been having a bit of a rough week. She’s been fussy, not sleeping, mucus-y, and feverish. Another double ear infection!


This now marks the 4th or 5th time she’s had an ear infection in the past year. It just breaks my heart to see her wriggle around in pain. Seasoned mommy that I am, I’ve never had to go through this. I honestly can’t recall either of the mini monsters ever having an ear infection, although I’m sure there has to be one thrown in there somewhere.

Honor’s amazing Doctor’s, who I adore, have now referred us to an ear nose and throat specialist who’s going to take a better look at my mini queen and let us know if tubes are the best thing for her.

Even though I’m assured that it’s not a big deal, and probably the most common procedure preformed, I have to tell you, I’m tearing up at the thought of her having to go through with it! As I’m sure all moms in my position have done.

Yes, I know it’ll be for the best, if it’s decided that that’s what’s best for her and yes, I know it’ll prevent future ear infections and pain, but that deep unrelenting fear that only a parent can feel creeps up on me and I’m defenseless against it.

In the mean time though, I’m enjoying the extra cuddle session my one and only girl is allowing me to have with her, no matter how brief.


Have any of you been in my position? Any words of wisdom, advice or comfort?


4 thoughts on “in this case, double isn’t better

  1. We’ve had 3 tube procedures and the last time we also had the adenoids removed! The first time is a little scary but it is SO fast you won’t hardly have time to go the waiting room and sit back down!! The only problems we ever had were a little nausea when she woke up from anesthesia. We had gone through so much antibiotics she finally became allergic, not good and all the medicine couldn’t be good for a little body. Our ENT is Jeffery Rosenbloom. We love him. Best of luck and she will feel so much better after the procedure.

  2. My little guy received tubes around this time last year! They hv done wonders!!! He was unfortunate to receive my genetics of seasonal allergies which wld stick around and reside in his ears;0 his ears hv been completely unaffected! he’s our only child as of now and we were nervous wrecks the 30 min he was actually under;0 his ENT is wonderful and actually carried him and his stuffed animal to the procedure rm and bk;) we also had ear plugs made for swimming 😉 good luck;) our ent is dr mark hatch;)

  3. I have 2 kiddos and both of them have had tubes. My oldest had tubes put in twice and adnoids removed too. My youngest is only 1, so she is still on her 1st set of tubes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if by her 2nd birthday we are having them put in again. It worked wonders for both kids, but it is a very scary time for us moms! The good news is your little girl will feel MUCH better once the tubes are in! And for our kids, the tubes helped to improve their hearing as well. Try to think of all of the positives when those scary feelings pop up. 🙂 Best wishes!

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