Guess you’re going hungry

My newly turned 9 year old mini man has a stubborn streak rivaling mine! In this case, mine WILL win!

Rayne’s a picky eater. Not in the sense that he’s closed off on what he will eat, but in the sense that he only wants to eat certain things at certain times.

I made eggs for breakfast this morning and when Rayne was called down for breakfast, it was immediately, “what are we having?”

This is an every meal question and its because he’s deciding wether or not he’ll want to eat.

I told him, “it doesn’t matter what were having. It’s breakfast time and if you don’t want to eat now, there’s nothing else until lunch. Are you going to eat or not?”

“What are we having?!”

“Are you going to eat or not Rayne?”

“What are we having?!” In a loud, attitude filled voice!

That doesn’t fly with this mama!

So Rayne has been sent to bed to wait by himself until lunch time.

In our house, the hubbs and I try to enforce and stick to meal and snack time. There’s no snaking all day long whenever you feel like it.

My picky, even defiant, eater will learn his lesson the hard way. Tough love.

If I had an aversion to food like my mini man, I wouldn’t need to worry about swimsuit season diets or workouts!

Do you have a picky eater in your home? Any tips or strategies that work for you?


7 thoughts on “Guess you’re going hungry

  1. They say that kids will eat what they need, and leave the rest. I don’t know how old we are before we start making decisions whether or not to eat based on personal preferences, over what we need/don’t need. All I know is that I was always picky. Turns out I have fructose malabsorption! When I think back to many of the things I didn’t want to eat, I know it might be because of that- although I didn’t start really showing symptoms other than “picky eating” until my early twenties. Just make sure of what is going on! If it is really that he would rather play than come down for an “unappetizing” dinner, then you definitely have a problem. He doesn’t ever have stomach aches or anything after eating?

    • No problems with food as far as allergies, stomach aches, etc… Like I said, he’s not picky as to only liking a certain food, he actually eats a wide variety of things, it’s just that he only wants what he wants when he wants it. Eggs might’ve been scarfed down one day for breakfast, but the next day they’re not. This mama is not a personal chef cooking to order for a family of 5!

  2. I definitely understand where you are coming from as I’m starting to deal with this a bit with Luke. One week he’ll eat anything placed in from of him. The next week it seems to be some kind of power-struggle.

  3. My boys are for the most part really good eaters. My oldest isn’t a fan of potatoes, but loves salads. My youngest is my “snacker” that I have to constantly remind that it is not snack time and that he has to eat real meals. They get spoiled by their Grandma who only lives a block away. So I have to keep correcting their need to snack after time over there too! When they are hungry, they will eat. If they don’t like what is on the plate in front of them, they don’t have to eat it all. But I do insist they at least take a few bites! I also don’t stop making things they don’t like or make something different for each kids wants.

  4. Good for you! Too many patents nowadays make special meals for their children according to what the child wants which usually results in unhealthy foods or unbalanced meals. Dealing with a fussy eater can be frustrating, I deal with 20 fussy eaters constantly. Luckily, Rayne is at the age where he can help you prepare meals. I find that children are more likely to try new foods or eat the food if they helped prepare it. Would he eat the food if you dyed it blue or green with food coloring? I encourage my preschoolers to politely play with their food. We make shapes with the food or change the color or draw with our utensils in our food. They have to eat what’s on their plate and they have fun while they are doing it. It is also a sneaky way to get a little but more education and fine motor skill development. Family dinig is so important and you’re a great mom to encourage your fussy eater to sit and eat with the family. Just involve him more in preparation and maybe choices like do you want blue eggs or plain eggs and power struggles over food should decrease.

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