Down by one

Yesterday morning started out leisurely. The 2 smallest of my small were having a morning snack and watching a morning cartoon. I had a batch of all natural homemade fruit roll-ups in the oven (more on that later) and I was tweeting about how it was the last day of school for mini man and how he’d be flying out the next afternoon to visit his Aunt and cousin in D.C.

Then comes a text from my sister who had read my tweet.

“Uh, he flies out today.”


Yup, I wrote down the date wrong! Don’t ask me how I managed to screw up the dates on something that important!

Not only was his flight today, but it leaves in 2 hours!

Picture now a frantic young women running through her house, packing a suitcase and carry-on for a 9 year old boy, snacks and diaper bag for a 3 & 1 year old I’ll have to drag to the airport with me all while trying to dress myself and the babies, all of us still in pajamas.

Phone call from the airline. The flights been delayed 45 minutes. Sigh of relief. Phone call from the airline. Flights been delayed another 15 minutes. More time!

I pack the babes in the car and we head to pick up Rayne from his last day of school.

Dunkin Donuts. Gas. Airport.

I’m cursing myself as I realize I have go drag all 3 minis, a double stroller and Rayne’s carry-on through airport security by myself. Not how we had this planned.

Flights been delayed another 15 minutes. Flights been delayed another 30 minutes.

We left the house around 10 am and by now it’s creeping on 2 pm. The babies are fidgety. They’re tired. It’s past nap time. River’s crying and screaming as he realizes that he’s not allowed on the plane and his big brother is leaving.

Finally, oh so mercifully finally, Rayne’s walking down the ramp to board his plane and I’m chocking back tears as my mini mans leaving me.

I’m down by one.

But he’s already having the time of his life with his cousin that he doesn’t get to see nearly enough and I’m smiling for him!



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