DIY bracelet display & storage

As we’ve been setting up our new home, I’ve been looking for better ways to display and store items like my accessories. I knew that I wanted them on display so I can see them all at a glance, specifically my cuffs, bangles, bracelets and watches.

I’ve wanted a Jewelry store like display for some time but didn’t want to purchase one when I knew I could DIY.

On a mission to get a bit more organized, I went looking through the garage at items that were about to be thrown out. I found a couple of pieces of scrap wood and fabric and I knew I had it!

Check out my finished product!


Now follow along to get your own display & storage!

Here’s what you’ll need
– 2 scrap pieces of wood, length of your choosing
– fabric of your choice
– small nails and hammer
– wood glue
– small mirror


Cut the fabric to cover your pieces of wood. Leave one end uncovered bare wood to be glued onto your base.


I used small nails and hammered them in to secure my fabric but use what your comfortable with, a staple gun, fabric glue, even sewing a sleeve to slip over the wood.

Using wood glue, glue the uncovered wood end to the mirror and allow them to fully dry.



There you have it! I’m so happy with my new display and even happier that it cost me nothing! Now I need to go accessory shopping and fill them up!

Next up is a necklace display!

Happy crafting!


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