DIY Cat in the hat collage posters

I’ve been DIY crazed lately (check out my DIY jewelry display/storage)! I’ve been setting up home and, especially the minis’ playroom, has my creative juices flowing!

Yesterday I had such an idea floating around in my head and just had to get it out!

We had an extra copy of Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat lying around and instead of trashing it, I decided to make some wall art to liven up the minis’ reading nook.


Using foam board from the dollar store, mod podge and the cut out pages from the book, I was able to make 2 1/2 collage posters.

Follow along to make your own!

Start by cutting out all the pages from your book.


Arrange them on your foam board as you like. I put my pages every which way to make it a little more fun.


Using your mod podge, paint a thin layer on the back of your page and glue it to the foam board. When your whole board is covered, set the pages by painting a thin layer over the top of the whole thing. Don’t worry, it goes on opaque, and you might worry that you’ve ruined the whole thing, but it’ll dry completely clear!


I nailed my posters right into the wall to fasten them.


Love it! And love that it’s so easy to personalize for your own minis!

Hope you try it. Happy crafting!


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