DIY manicure of the week: something’s fishy

We’ve been spending soo much time pool side & in the water lately that it inspired this weeks manicure.

Fish nails!!





Isn’t it just too cute!

Happy polishing!


DIY manicure of the week: 4th of July

Tomorrow’s the 4th of July so, of course, I’m going to be doing a red white and blue theme!




Show off your patriotic pride with Americans colors! My nail art features the stars & stripes along with a traditional 4th of July firework!

Head to your picnic, BBQ, firework watching, etc… in style!

Happy polishing!

DIY manicure of the week: baby toes

Disclosure: I received the following products free of charge to review. All words and opinions are 100% honest and my own. My preferences and experiences may differ from yours.

This week I’m featuring mini queens, so cute you just wanna bite ’em, pudgy toes!


I’ve wanted to paint mini queen’s nails since the day I found out I was having a girl, but have restrained myself knowing that little fingers and toes find their way into little mouths and no toxins or chemicals are coming near my baby!

That was before I discovered piggy paint.


This all natural, made specially for kids, line of polishes are water based and 100% safe for tiny nails. I’m not the least bit hesitant to use these with Honor.

Browse through the array of colors and grab some for your mini fashionista here.

Happy polishing!

DIY manicure of the week: perfect petals

Nail stickers are the easiest way to get perfect nail art without any of the hard work and mess of DIY.

I used LA Colors flower & gem nail art stickers to achieve this weeks look.


I chose a gorgeous shimmery lilac base color called wisteria from Savina and randomly placed the flowers stickers where I liked.


Remember to top all your nail art, especially stickers, with a top coat to help give them that staying power! I love this weeks look and hope it lasts me through to next weeks DIY manicure.

Happy polishing!