Zoës kitchen. Yes please!

The first time I tried Zoës kitchen was at a blogger party that they catered for. I went back for 2nd’s (okay 3rd’s) of their made from scratch hummus. I love hummus! And there’s is so simple, fresh and addicting. But when I found out that their only location was way across town from me, I was a little bummed. So when I heard they were opening a new location, a little closer, I was actually excited!

When I was emailed about stopping by to sample and review their food, of course I said yes!


Hubbs and I took the mins down for dinner to check out the new location. The restaurant itself is bright and vibrant with plenty of seating and a great patio area complete with fans for our hot San Antonio days!

We, of course, ordered up some hummus with fresh warm pitas, the grilled steak and portobello mushroom sandwich and steak and salmon kabobs. Yum, yum, yum! There was nothing left! The sandwich is grilled with oil on the bread which left it, well…oily, which I didn’t care for, but if you ask for it to be grilled with no, or very light oil, I’d recommend it. Hubbs and I both picked the steak kabobs as our favorite. However they season the steak is perfect and they’re cooked to medium rare, which is how we like it (specify how you want it and they’ll gladly oblige). And don’t ever go without grabbing an order of hummus!




Zoës kitchen is quickly becoming a family favorite, and with the fresh, natural, from scratch food they offer, I have no problem with my all natural diet family craving it!


Derby day!

Last weekend Rayne competed in his 3rd CubScouts pinewood derby!

The hubbs and my little 8 year old bear cub scout sawed, sanded, painted and finished a car of Rayne’s design.


Always a procrastinator, hubbs didn’t get it done until the night before and Rayne was even putting stickers on it the morning of, but at least those boys got it done.


Rayne’s car didn’t place, turns out the front was too heavy, but he had fun with the whole process and that is what matters. He was a little upset that his car never won first place, but I was proud of him for how he handled his disappointment.

All the cubs received a medal for their work and participation. It’s Rayne’s first medal so he’s ecstatic about it! He wore it the entire day and since then keeps randomly wearing it around.



Here’s all 3 of his cars from every year he’s raced. And he’s already thinking of colors and designs for next year.


#SAGlimpse day 49

Day 49 of the San Antonio Bloggers Instagram photo a day challenge is pets/animals.


Mini queen Honor got herself some new toy blocks today, each with a different animal picture on it.

We don’t have any pets in this house.
My 8 year old son Rayne has been through a ball python, a couple of gerbils and countless fish that have all met an untimely end for us to know, no more pets! At least for right now.

Maybe one day we’ll have a puppy running around but right now my 3 minis are all the animals I can handle in this house!

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#SAGlimpse day 48

Day 48 of the San Antonio Bloggers Instagram photo a day challenge is random acts of kindness.


I hope this is something that I’m installing in my children. I always tell them, “treat others the way you want to be treated” and random acts of kindness are such a simple everyday thing that accomplishes that!

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#SAGlimpse day 40

Day 40 of the San Antonio bloggers Instagram photo a day challenge is ink.


These are just a few of my tattoos.

Just kidding!

These are just some of the many of the hubbs’ tattoos.

Let me tell you, I’m not a fan of the majority of them. Not because I’m against tattoos or anything like that, but because the majority of them are from his younger years when his attitude was, “sure you can practice tattooing on me. I don’t care what it is.”

Most of the stories he tells me about how/why he got one of his tattoos leave me saying “are you kidding me!?”

I personally feel that something that’s going to be on your body for life should have more though into it than that. It should be a story and have significance.

Do you have any “oops” tattoos or regrets on the ones you got?

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