casual mens style

casual mens style


look of the day: i’ve got double designers

I have to admit, for my live morning news show segment yesterday on San Antonio Living, I did not outfit plan.  I knew that I wanted to wear my new skull scarf, but other than that, nada.

Here’s the outfit that I put together the morning of.





Basic black tee, my new skull scarf I got for $8 at no more rack, green Lee skinny jeans, and leopard print booties from forever 21. Add red lips, my gold cuff from Otra Vez Couture Consignment, a Marc Jacobs tote to hold all the needed props for my TV segment and my black leather Michael Kors bag and I’d say I did a pretty good job!


Look of the day: River style

My 2 year old son (3 in a couple weeks!) River is gorgeous. He’s a charmer. The corkscrew curls, the hazel green eyes, the dimples, they all make you forget that high pitched wail scream shriek that only his vocal cords seem to be able to reach. Well, once your ears stop ringing anyways.

And I’m loving his outfit so much, I had to share.


Nothing fancy, he’s been in much cuter outfits, but I LOVE the cuffed jeans and cars high tops combo so much! Add a little devil heart breaker shirt and he’s got his toddler swag ready to roll!

Jeans and tee from The Children’s Place and Lightning McQueen high tops from H&M.

Love right now

A few of my favorite things…

love right now

I’m currently loving…

long fur vests.  I’m not a fan of short/cropped ones.

water colored flower print denim.  I snagged a gorgeous pair at Nordstrom rack for only $25!

sheer cream colored blouses. Sheer blouses in any color really, especially long sleeves ones.

vintage Rayban wayfarers.  My dad has a pair of tortoise shell ones that I’ve been wanting to steal for years now.

my luscious black leather Michael Kors purse.  Gifted to me by my sissy, thanks Jess!

numerous bracelets and bangles. Stacked a mile high of course!

What are your current fashion cravings?