DIY manicure of the week: stick em’ up

Have you used Sally Hansen nail polish stickers yet? A much easier and cheaper way to get a perfect polish or design without the salon price tag. To make them last even longer, don’t cover all of your nails with the stickers, just use one or two for an unexpected pop of design. Don’t forget to always finish them off with a top coat to give them that staying power.



road trip survival kit

Hubby and I have decided to take an impromptu road trip this weekend to see my sister and brother in law in Kansas City; 13 hours away.  Now GPS says 13 hours away but with 2 kids (lucky we’re down 1; he’s visiting his grandparents) and our new rescued puppy (lucky for us he’s potty trained and never barks), that trip will probably be closer to 15, or more! We plan on leaving for that trip in just a few hours when the hub’s gets home from work.  Our plan is to drive overnight and end up there in the morning.  Might sound crazy to some, but, I planned it this way so the majority of the time, the kids will be sound asleep and traffic will be minimal (in theory)

Now to pack my survival kit.

For my 5 month old…

  • bottles and formula
  • pacifiers
  • dangly car seat toy
  • head/neck cushion (so when she falls asleep, her head’s not rolling everywhere)
  • diapers and wipes

For my 2 year old…

  • snacks (preferably ones that don’t crumble all over the freshly vacuumed car)
  • spill proof sippy cup
  • toys
  • coloring books
  • his iphone (by his iphone, i mean an old one with a cracked screen just loaded with games and shows)
  • extra change of clothes (he’s potty trained, but i’m sure on a long road trip, an accident will occur)

For hubster and I…

  • snacks
  • books
  • pillows
  • great road tunes

We’ve never taken a long road trip.  I think the longest has been 5 hours.  We’re used to flying.  But, it’s just not an option with finances right now. So let’s see how well this thing goes.

What I can tell you is that you can take a mini vacay without breaking the bank. It’s going to take a lot longer driving, but we’re saving around $800 by doing it and getting a much needed vacation that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to take!

So I’ll be MIA for 4 days or so, but when I get back, I promise that I’ll have some great posts to share!

the 10 best ways to reuse hubby’s old shirt

There are just too many ways to reuse old clothes.  Hubby’s tired old button up can become so many different articles of clothing and accessories for so many different family members.  Here are some of my favorite.  Click on the pictures to take you to the tutorials.

basic little girls dress

adorable little girls dress


baby’s dress-up onesie

no sewing or cutting required!

anthropologie inspired


adorable skirt

throw pillows

must have of the moment peplum

all purpose tote

summery peasant blouse

These are all pretty easy to try out for youself and if you mess it up, oh well, it was something you were going to toss out anyways.  Keep trying and master your upcycling skills! What are some of your favorite men’s shirt projects?



champagne is delicious, gorgeous shoes are a must, family fun is important, but the piggy bank still has to be fed







it’s coming…

If you’ve been following me, you know that i post at least every other day, so i want to explain my 5 day absence.  I promise I have a really good excuse; the dog ate my blog notebook where i jot down all my ideas.  No, seriously, I had the flu.  Yes, it’s summer, the middle of July and 100 degrees everyday and I get the flu. I assure you, the irony is not lost on me. So, I’ve spent the better part of those days holed up in bed with a fever and eye gouging migraine.  But I’m slowly working my way back from the dead and have a never ending stream of ideas to write about.

Stay tuned! 🙂